Journalist of daily Vijesti Jelena Jovanovic was hit in the head with a car wiper during last night’s celebration of the supporters of the “For the Future of Niksic” coalition.

Jovanovic found herself in a crowd in which one of those gathered in front of the headquarters of the coalition “For the Future of Niksic”, who previously tried to take off the policeman’s mask and pushed him away, hit her in the head with a wiper from the car.

The incident was previously broadcast live on Vijesti Television.

The police announced that M.J. (39) was charged with violent behavior.

“Files of cases have been formed and submitted to the state prosecutor in the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Niksic, who, after reviewing the files, ordered that criminal charges be filed against M.J. on suspicion of committing the crime of violent behavior,” the police said.

After the pro-government media initiated  smear campaign against the KRIK, members of the National Assembly dealt with KRIK and its alleged connection to criminals and the opposition. Beside MPs Aleksandar Marković, Vladimir Orlić, Đorđe Milićević… MP and Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture Sandra Bozic also highlight, among other things, that KRIK, which, of course, is paid by Đilas, “tries to justify the virtuosity of (Belivuk’s) mafia crime”.

After the publication of the column “Dinko Gruhonjic: Moral Idiots” on the website of the portal Slobodna rec, journalist and professor Dinko Gruhonjic received serious death threats, which were sent via the social network Facebook in a direct message.

After the report that was broadcast on TV Pink about KRIK, in which dangerous insinuations were made about the connection of this newsroom with the criminal clan, the MP and member of the SNS, Vladimir Orlic, wrote on the social network Twitter:

TV Pink on March 9 in the National Daily broadcasted report, which was repeated several times in the morning program on March 10, in which they presented information about the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) in which they are accusing KRIK of being aligned with Veljko Belivuk, who was arrested for several criminal acts and with a criminal clan, after which several tabloids continued the smear campaign against the KRIK, and seriously endangered the safety of the journalists of this newsroom.

The campaign followed after Nenad Markovic, the father of one of the missing young men, Strahinja Markovic, in one interview mentioned, among other things, the call of a mysterious man who introduced himself as Veljko, proposing that he share the story of his son’s disappearance with the KRIK.

In report on TV Pink, KRIK is connected with criminal clans, KRIK presented as a newspaper who is in the service of criminal clans, and the whole situation is compared to the period before the murder of Zoran Djindjic. Also, several pro-government tabloids published articles in which they stated that Belivuk cooperates with the KRIK portal – that it is his “private media”, and that he has “secret deal” with KRIK, and  that they have been “working with criminals and their associates to endanger President Vucic and his family”.

The President of the Alternative for Change, Shqipërim Arifi, used lynching vocabulary towards the correspondent of Radio Television of Kosovo in the Presevo Valley, Baki Rexhepi. Arifi last night during an interview on a Kosovo television, accused Rexhepi of being a corrupt person and therefore does not declare himself for RTK, adding that there are facts about what he is talking about. Regarding this statement, AJK has contacted the director of RTK, Festim Kabashi, who stated that he has not received any complaints about the correspondent, Baki Rexhepi. The reaction of our colleague, Baki Rexhepi, was immediate, describing the accusations as extremely serious and that do not correspond at all to the truth. Moreover, Rexhepi has stated that he has always been boycotted as a journalist by Mr. Shqipërim Arifi. Rexhepi, requesting a reaction from the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, informed that he has already started to pursue all legal avenues against the statements of Mr. Arifi, who according to him with this accusation has tarnished his personal dignity and damaged his integrity and his professional credibility.


AJK asks of Mr. Shqiprim Arifi to apologize for the language used against our colleague and to address all of the grievances through the judiciary.


In the comments on the portal, Dragan Vucicevic received threats with the following content: “Dragan J. Vucicevic must be killed. Lousy piece of s*it , we’ll hit you when you least expect it and where it will hurt the most. Gagi, everything has an end.” Comment was signed as “Eagles from New York “.

The BH Journalists Association sent letters to the cyber crime departments of the Federal Police Administration and MoI of Republika Srpska regarding the recent hacker attacks on web portals in Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska.

Portal Žurnal ( from 18.02.2021. was exposed to planned DDoS attacks for four days, as a result of which access to the website was blocked. Employees of Žurnal state that they suffered huge and irreparable damage and they were forced to move the entire site to another location, ie to a new server. Almost simultaneously with this attack, hacker attacks were carried out on the web portals and BUKA. The editors and owners of the above mentioned media expressed justified suspicions that these hacker attacks are connected with certain centers of power which do not like the critical and investigative writing of the journalists of these portals.

After journalist Avdic published an article on portal about alleged attempts to endanger the safety of Gordana Tadic, the Chief State Prosecutor Gordana Tadic issued a denial in which, among other things, she accused Avdic of “anti-civilization and barbaric discrediting” of her personality and “spreading national and religious hatred”, and a caricature interpretation of the alleged threats to her life with the aim of “preparing the ground for the liquidation of all those who interfere with the paraintelligence darkness of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”