Director of Gazeta Insajderi, Parim Oullri, this morning was interviewed by Kosovo Police, after Gazeta Insajderi last night published an investigation that contains internal information of the Ministry of Health regarding the refusal of Pfizer and BioNtech Vaccines by this Ministry.

For AJK, it is completely unacceptable to interview Parim Olluri, Director of Gazeta Insajderi in order to reveal their source, as this is essentially a flagrant violation of the Law on Protection of Journalists’ Resources and the right to media freedom.

AJK calls upon the competent authorities to initiate disciplinary proceedings against police officers and prosecutors who have abused their authority, and calls upon all relevant actors to stop pressuring and obstructing the journalists while they are on duty.

At the same time, AJK encourages all of the journalists not to give up in when facing such obstacles and to work diligently to inform the public.

The football coach, Tahir Batatina, used sexist and offensive language towards the sports journalist of RTK, Qëndresa Krelani.

Batatina during a TV show addressed the journalist with the words: “You in journalism can only peel newspapers, or clean something, but commenting football in this way no …. you are not on my level, this is not journalism, starting from your appearance … ”

The sexist, offensive and totally inadequate language used by Batatina is extremely disturbing and unacceptable. For AJK, it is not only worrying how little women are represented in the media, but also the way they are represented.

AJK calls upon the Football Federation of Kosovo – FFK, to take action against coach Batatina for the used language, and encourages all female journalists that despite the stereotypes of the society, to not give up practicing their profession, in any field they want to report.


The Disciplinary Commission of the Football Federation of Kosovo has opened disciplinary proceedings against the coach of Llapi, Tahir Batatina, due to inappropriate language towards the sports journalist, Qeqa Krelani.

“During the TV debate on the sports show of KTV on 11.04.2021, he used inappropriate language towards the journalist (analyst) of RTK, Qëndresa Krelani, which is contrary to sports ethics. Based on Article 32 paragraph 1 of the Disciplinary Regulation. Additional statement required from FC Llapi coach Tahir Batatina. Date: 16.04.2021 at 13:00 ”, it is said in the announcement of FFK.

During the commemoration of the victims of the infamous Kevina jama execution site in Radošić, two men repeatedly obstructed the work of journalists, and at one point threatened one of the journalists: “What do you have to write, get out of here, you want me to throw you down into the pit now ? ” Several people insulted and threatened journalists. It was said about the journalists who were not present that they “should be put under a lid and covered with embers”.

Correspondent of O Channel Vahidin Mujagić was detained by police officers while on duty in Brod.

While filming the Brod Oil Refinery, police officers approached journalist Mujagić and, explaining that it was not allowed to film the Refinery, demanded that the footage be confiscated, then took the journalist to the police car and issued him a misdemeanor warrant for unauthorized filming.

In his report to the FMHL, Mujagić points out that nowhere at the place where he filmed the Refinery was there a sign that filming was prohibited. Also, the journalist did not enter the Refinery facility itself, and his goal was to record the gas pipelines that were installed by the Republic of Croatia on the territory of BiH.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has formed a case and opened an investigation against Jasmin Mulahusić, with the address of residence in Luxembourg, for the criminal offense of inciting national, religious or racial hatred and intolerance through various publications on the Internet, public space and social networks.

– According to the order of the prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, the competent police agencies performed certain checks and collected information, and in the capacity of witnesses and injured parties a certain number of persons were questioned – it was confirmed to the media from this institution.

One of those who testified in the Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the mentioned investigation is the well-known BH journalist and owner of Face television Senad Hadžifejzović, who was also threatened by Mulahusić.

The editor-in-chief of “Monitor”, Esad Kocan, was attacked on March 27, in front of his apartment in Podgorica.

He was first verbally and then physically attacked by a fifty-five-year-old D.S, who was subsequently arrested and charged with the criminal offense of endangering safety.

The police announced that Kocan reported on Saturday night that an unknown person approached him in front of the building where he lives at around 5 pm, who addressed him with insulting and threatening words, and that at one point he physically attacked him.

“E.K. went to his apartment and called a friend to go with him to the police station to report the incident. After leaving the building, the suspect continued with the insults and started physically attacking E.K. who on that occasion pushed him away with the stick he had with him, according to E.K. The police identified the person and arrested him”, the statement reads.

The music editor on Radio Rijeka played on March 25 the song by Vinko Coca “When I die wrapped in white”, one of the popular fan songs of football team Hajduk from Split (there is a big animosity among fans of different clubs from different cities in Croatia).

This was followed by insults and threats, especially towards a journalist, the music editor who played the song. After that, Joso Krmpotic, the host of the show on Radio Rijeka, instead of standing on his colleague’s side and protecting her from the chase, he started apologizing to the listeners.

On March 26, the editorial board received an e-mail saying among other things: “If I hear another, only one “tovarian” song that I don’t like (to sing about an olive tree, a stone or to glorify Dalmatia and those gypsies) I’LL FUCK YOU ALL. Badly. One wrong move, one wrong song and the whole Radio Rijeka goes up in the air together with the editorial office crew which is then on duty. You read well. This is an open threat. Be smart in your head and in the future be careful what songs you play because you aren’t even aware of what kind of shit you got into because of one stupid woman.”

On March 20, 2021, in Bijelo Polje, during a “patriotic” gathering, journalist of Television Vijesti, Sead Sadikovic, was attacked, sustaining minor head injuries.

According to him, he was insulted and then physically attacked by 5-6 younger men. Sadikovic was defended from the attackers by citizens who passed by.

“During the criminal investigation, the police came to the suspicion that the persons from the car convoy insulted the journalist S.S. and that they subsequently got out of the vehicle. After that, according to both the journalists and the participants in the motorcade, there was an argument between them, after which the persons physically attacked the journalist, inflicting minor bodily injuries. Criminal police officers arrested N.O. (21) and E.D. (18) from Bijelo Polje, due to the suspicion that they committed the criminal offense of violent behavior, and they will be brought to the competent state prosecutor within the legal deadline. The police are taking further measures and actions in order to identify all persons and shed light on the entire event”, the Police Administration announced.

The team, journalists Arbisa Shefiku and the cameraman, Denis Sllovinja, were threatened and obstructed by two persons in Rahovec.

The team was threatened three days ago while they were shooting near the tekke “Shejh Iljazi Rifai”, regarding the case of a parking lot that the municipality has given permission to use this space to Mehdi Shehu, without the consent of  the residents and the Municipal Assembly.

As soon as they started filming the parking lot, the journalist and the cameraman were threatened by a person who came out of the tekke and addressed them with the words: “Be aware, you may enjoy living because you are still young”. After this threat, Mehdi Shehu, came out and obstructed the team by not allowing them to film by saying that they don’t have a permission.

The case was reported to the Kosovo Police and after receiving the statements of the team, the prosecutor of the case, Anton Hasanaj, closed the case and stated that there are no elements of a criminal offense. The closing of the case by the prosecutor, according to, came without reading the statements of the journalists, without evaluating the evidence and only by phone.

However, according to their reports, the case continues to be investigated by police units, who have notified the prosecutor.

For AJK, such actions toward journalists and media professionals who are doing their duty, puts pressure on them. Threats, obstruction and other forms of intimidation of our colleagues have recently increased and this is threatening the safety of journalists, their independent reporting and the general freedom of the media in Kosovo.

AJK calls on the competent authorities to take action against the behavior of these two persons who have threatened and obstructed the team.