Attack on journalists, Esad Kocan, Podgorica 27.03.2021.

The editor-in-chief of “Monitor”, Esad Kocan, was attacked on March 27, in front of his apartment in Podgorica.

He was first verbally and then physically attacked by a fifty-five-year-old D.S, who was subsequently arrested and charged with the criminal offense of endangering safety.

The police announced that Kocan reported on Saturday night that an unknown person approached him in front of the building where he lives at around 5 pm, who addressed him with insulting and threatening words, and that at one point he physically attacked him.

“E.K. went to his apartment and called a friend to go with him to the police station to report the incident. After leaving the building, the suspect continued with the insults and started physically attacking E.K. who on that occasion pushed him away with the stick he had with him, according to E.K. The police identified the person and arrested him”, the statement reads.

Contry MN
Name and Surname Esad Kocan
Gender Male
Date 27/03/2021
City / Location Podgorica
Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
By whom To journalists by citizens
Name of the perpetrator D.S.
Type of media print
Media name Monitor
Was journalist`s association informed No
What was journalists' association reaction Trade Union of Media of Montenegro reacted on this occasion with NGO Action for human rights.
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office